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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 18, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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>>james: google you will see what looks like black tape. and notice if you go to the in english web site it flashes and the nichols to this date--it flashes and then it goes to displayed. this
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would ticket to a question and answer page for you to learn more about what is going on on the internet this morning and not be surprised if one of your favorite web sites is standing in protest today. >>justine: new details as a victim of a late night kidnapping was found. a 16 year old was taken by force. authorities located the man driving a short time later he was arrested in the young girl was returned safely to her family. and this morning the 14 year old boy wanted by authorities for allegedly robbing and sexually assaulting two women has turned himself in. he is enrolled at the freshman and oakland high school. police release his name because of the serious nature of the crimes that he was accused of. we spoke
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with a legal analyst about the possible charges the boy may face. >> if you are 14 years of age or older and charged with sex crimes, and therefore you are tried as an adult. for a juvenile 14 years older to commit crimes like in this magnitude is unusual. unfortunately is becoming more and more commonplace. if he is convicted of these crimes, a 14 year old want to state prison, usually the one i do that. they will send them off to the juvenile detention until 18 years of age. then they will move into an adult prison. so people may think all my god, a 14 year-old to state prison, but that will not
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happen. >>justine: the district attorney's offices could be charged either today or tomorrow. >>james: we will take a quick break and here is a shot of san francisco, your traffic is on the light side and temperatures are all low side once again down near freezing.
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>>james: and we are back. we have some clout in the north bay and the south bay is the cold spot this morning. >>justine: we will start with the cruise ship crashed in italy. travel agents are encouraging people to keep their plans. we explain why some people are trying to
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push their travel plans back. >>reporter: i spoke with a travel agent tells me there have been no cancellations of people are trying to push back the travel dates for their vacation to the reason is they want to see if it can get any discount on the trip. jack young said it is too early to tell what type of cruise ship disaster on impact will have locally. several of his clients call to see if they can postpone their final payments. are you seeing any discount? >> not yet. this disaster just happened and i think the cruise line is thinking about what their options are i am sure that if they have cancellations they will offer some type of incentive. >>james: we will take a break and much more trading head from your local news on
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the other side of this break. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. we will be back with more in just a minute. ó??g÷p÷÷÷ >>8ç
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>>erica: welcome back i want to get straight to storm tracker 4. luken see that we do have some snow. as to check out future forecast, this shows the first half of the detour rain during the bay area. you can see three questions, the santa rosa and as we advance to 10:00 a.m. on thursday when it looks like it has become a little bit more widespread in the north bay got much
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time to reveal crossing the golden gate bridge being built and it will weather. hear your umbrella is suddenly needed as we advance closer to 5:00 a.m.. hope this indicates some pretty moderate rainfall through out a good portion of the bay area. we will continue to scattered showers at the head into the evening and overnight hours. thursday is not the only day, we are expecting rain fall. the heaviest rainfall is 4 in. up into the north bay about 1 degrees and more of rain, and everywhere else we will have it pretty limited amount today. it looks like to have less rainfall will be on friday. as he plans to seven day around the forecastle will certainly want to enjoy today. this is probably the last friday and around the bay area for about. we have a 100 percent chance of rain as we get into friday. it will continue to scattered showers and heavy rain often
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on as you head into the weekend, especially the 49er claimed.--game. no major hot spots ask his tell you about. there are very few cards at the toll plaza flats. traffic is a live up the incline and across the upper deck. again, the senate still bridge shows was bound traffic we like. over at the golden gate bridge out: 01 there are very few cars making their way into san francisco in fact as we back up that right for you, you'll see all of that green on your screen south bound 101. >>james: 3 people still on the loose after allegedly attacking a woman on the board coliseum. it happened during an commute yesterday morning that caused quite a
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delay. j.r. stone has the latest. >>reporter: bryans' takes the board every day and news of a woman being attacked as she boards this morning is not sitting well. >> i could allow people need to grow up and realize that is not cute. >>reporter: they said the victim may have gone beyond teenage boy and that is when the content of the woman began to yell and evangeline who punches. as >> that is not cool, that someone's mother, that someone start you do not do something like that. girls want to be like men now, that is how they are out if they want to be like men, and i feel like you do not pick on someone who does not want to fight or should try to get on the part, that is ridiculous >>reporter: most of the women i talked with said this is an example but that show times are changing and
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you have to be prepared for anything. >>pam: i believe the just be careful you have to know how to take care of yourself how year because a lot of people are bullies and it is not fair and that is what they do. >>james: oakland police are looking at you try to find deal--: video of the attack. two of their suspects are in their late teens to early 20s and the boy is a teenager. >>justine: and is being run open screen career with the connection to unit and identify woman's body was recovered from a local creeks that in 1983 and this after information was revealed in a rate of journal him that he had him the body was badly decomposed and now new technology can help to crack open the case can get that joseph naso is suspected to have killed a total of 10 women for cases are currently your coin through
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court.--at are currently being tried in court. >>reporter: to include not true police said the video tape from a neighbor want show to note his appointee to her bruised arms and this happen into the eighth, to times is when 11 and is the second time than is happening. i told moros that need help i will use this just in case he wants to take part our son away from you because your kid's face and he is very powerful and can do it. >>reporter: the report says the following.
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>>reporter: the report said she told a neighbor the fight continued inside their house with him pulling and pushing and grabbing her. eventually she and the child ran out of the house and with her son she ran screaming and crying and she said you want to call the police? he said no one asks her to come back to the house. the neighbor also told the police that lopez told her that he said not to telling about it. police say another neighbor interviewed by police also spoke with lopez and she had told that neighbor that it was during this argument that he grabbed the victims arm and that is how the bruce happened. the neighbor also said that lopez indicated that her son saw what happened. >>justine: a bay area navy veteran was given eighth
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medal for his heroism in were war two. carl clark was aboard the ship when it was hit by six kamikaze aircraft. he put out a fire that almost sank the ship and carry number of inmates to state but because of racial prejudice he was never given his due. the 95 year-old graciously accepted his mettle from the former secretary of the navy in he said he was just doing his job. >>justine: we will take a quick break on the kron4 morning news and be back with much more on this cold morning. here is a look at what is happening on the ride along walnut creek. we are tracking a serious chance of rain for tomorrow, stay with us for details.
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>>reporter: could this they to commentary in black south carolina's real to >> the short answer is no. but at this and if it went at some time to take satire --would talk to by the sometimes it takes satire to to the real point. you who
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>> he is ruth, >>reporter: but another mom said she never knew when a super pak was contingent are to be the only record--one and two she watches record year and talk all we wondered what home-that brought hug her mccain thought about more >> i am not going to silence and i'm not going away. from >>reporter: not if ste andven coba how canre helped--
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>>justine: tickets go on sale today. last check, one td was over $700. we will be right back.
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>>james: we are back taking a live look from our roof this morning i have to tell you it is really cold out there again. very similar to yesterday. in the south bay they're dealing with subfreezing temperatures. we would the latest on the weather in just a minute, but first some news. >>justine: rescue workers have suspended operations after the ship shifted slightly. a pair still searching this 122 missing
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people of seven people have been confirmed dead through of the captain of the boat is now under house arrest is facing criminal charges including manslaughter and a van into it. from it is a man when ruled on friday after making an unauthorized. the real where harper >>james: we have cooler temperatures this morning and rain on the land. let us the very latest did 12 erica harriet >>erica: attack the morning james is finally filling like winter around the bay area. but we have a clear star to the morning a pretty picture out there but he is a cold one. in fact occur in half freeze warnings in effect. you certainly want to bundle up at the head outside the door. take a
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look at the national weather service. we will be contending with subfreezing temperatures. you can see it highlighted in blue on your screen. you may want to scrape ice off your windshield. we will monitor the conditions for you in the traffic center. where is it the the temperature is right outside the door. it looks like san jose has dropped to the freezing mark along with los gatos. you will see widespread 30's around the bay area this morning. as we head into the afternoon it looks like this is by now he could reach 60 degrees. a few degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. it looks like los gatos, san jose and morgan hill could be flirting with the 60 degree mark. a quick
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check from your satellite and radar shows what with activity and snowfall in the pacific northwest. this system is one that will be sliding down to the bay area beginning tonight and stretching on for the next ring of days. it looks like today will be the last if you to get your outdoor plans done. we expect heavy rain and enjoyed often on showers as we head into the weekend in a mixture of sun and clouds as we start the next work week. over in the traffic center we have a pretty quiet morning out there. i have checked to see the traffic logs and no major accidents or traffic boston anyway. there are no meaning like to deal with. checking in with the san mateo bridge, you see the tail lights out what foster city the bright lights coming towards you heading eastbound into hayward.
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south bound 101 has a lot of space in between cars. a quick check from the traffic map in the south bay shows that 101 is moving well. interstate 280 is currently accident free. if you are checking west bound or east bound to 37 in the yellow on your screen because of the overnight construction it indicates beats down to about 40 mi. per hour. >>james: thank you very much and the developing story we're following this morning it will be a tough day for city workers in oakland. more than 1000 will get pink slips and of that 250 could very well lose their jobs k. thompson explains why. >>reporter: hundreds of employees will be holding their breath on wednesday waiting to see if they're one of the 1500 city workers to get a preliminary pink slip meaning that they could be laid off by the end of the month. employees are very hesitant to discuss the
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layoffs. >> are people worried? >> yes i think they are. >>reporter: drink tough budget times the city decided to use the redevelopment money to help pay for some are all people salary including part of the mayor's salary. several police officer salaries were paid and several city attorneys and several people on the city council. decisions must be made by the end of the month about what jobs will be eliminated. the city council will decide who will be left standing. hundreds of people are expected to lose their jobs by february 1st. >>justine: 49ers fans are gearing up to buy tickets to this weekend's championship game against the new york giants. these are pictures of the stadium, that is candlestick park.
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ticket sales will be open to the general public all tickets will be sold through ticketmaster. no tickets will be offered at candlestick or through the team. not forget that kickoff sunday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. we will be watching. >>james: also developing this morning the battle over how to regulate the internet. now you may remember this web site this is one that you use a lot. and you can see that the picture today looks like black tape across the company's name. major web sites like this one, google are planning blackouts. and if you go to, this is what you get. and if you click here, this will bring you to the question and answer page that explains why the companies are taking part in the black out today. it is again
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something called the stock online piracy act. >>justine: which are tech report will explain what this act is all about and how it will affect every day web users. >>gabe: copy right think are all over the internet most web users purchase the content are in iraq legally through itunes or amazon or similar websites, or streaming website like google. but there is a large portion of users out there and watching the content illegally. the big companies will lose out when their content is not paid for and want to force federal lawmakers to make it easier to come down on online commerce. congress came up with house bill 3261 also known as the stock online piracy act. also note as
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sopa. this bill gives extreme power to regulators that seriously concerns the opponents. if the bill passes it could mean jail time for watching and authorize dream content which makes it easier to obtain court orders against websites accused of copyright infringement. it will allow payment processing for alleged rope web site to be cut off. those are the easy things to explain the major concern is in the small print, the details. lawyers on the side against the bill have come and said that this violates the first amendment. it allows for internet censorship--crippled the internet and threaten whistleblowing and other free-speech actions. this was introduced by the texas republican congressman lamar smith. the obama administration is against the stock online piracy act and they are not supporting it. many are against this
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bill including some popular web sites that intend to go dark in protest. >>james: let us give you a live look outside at the james lick freeway showing the san francisco traffic that is like.--light. we are expecting decent amounts of rain late this evening but everyone will get it by tomorrow.
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>>justine: we are taking a live look at what is happening on the bay bridge. traffic is light in the temperatures are very cold. we have a 100 percent chance of rain on thursday and will talk about that in just a moment. >>james: also round of the mayor jean quan until the new plan to help fight crime. over the next few days they will focus their
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efforts on one of the blocks in the city. >> for the people who don't live in the 100 blocks that they're talking about, that is for the people who live in 90 percent of the city isn't it violence when they are the victims of muggings and robberies? isn't violence when people come home and find that their home has been forcibly burger rise? this is not a plan for public safety in oakland, this is a publicity stunt. >>james: mayor jean quan did not say which blocks will see the extra for police presence. >>justine: we will take a quick break the first take a look outside. no major accidents to report, we will take a quick break and have weather right after this.
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>>erica: good morning and welcome back to the kron4 news. this blue shells rained in the system. this system will impact the bay area it looks like by thursday we will have some sprinkles in santa rosa and i can name, and looks like the rain chances will stay in the north bay by lunchtime it will roll across the golden gate bridge. at 5:00 p.m., this yellow band on your screen indicates pretty moderate rainfall we will continue to see the scattered showers to the overnight evening hours and into the next couple days. it also shows rainfall totals by 8:00 p.m. thursday, we almost have an end to the have expected for santa rosa about a half-inch
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for san francisco. as we advance the plot, you can see over 2 in. of rain expected for santa rosa. it looks like lake tahoe will see this rain and snow mixture. so if you are headed that way, temperatures will be ranging in the upper '40's and '50's. so and the carrier seven day around the forecast. if you have outside plan to want to get that done today. it looks like the heaviest rainfall is expected on thursday. it looks as though your temperatures will be trending in the upper 50s and low 60s. in the traffic
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center no hot spot to tell you about. now you are looking like the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. the san mateo bridge ride is moving easy i just checked the drive time for you, 23 minutes out a bottle for san francisco. you'll see a lot of space in between cars. a quick check from the traffic map shoals and nice and easy ride. as the focus in on the shore freeway all of that green on your screen indicates speed over 50 mph. no accidents to report on this particular highway we are in especially good conditions. in fact the drive for hercules to berkeley is not that all.
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>>justine: several people who purchased the commemorative bricks for the 50th anniversary will have to watch it turned to rubble today. a new memorial will carry the names that were on the bricks. >>james: her new details on a major traffic situation. the bay bridge will be closed over president's day weekend. here is an idea of what we can expect. it will start friday night and extend until early tuesday morning. this is all weather dependent. all of these was bound lanes will be close, structure crews will demolish sections of the existing road way. this is a major inconvenience in the
4:49 am
short term. officials say this will enable the bridge to get more work done. >> we will be doing work in between the bridges that we would not have been able to do this will help us to buy back the time. we will be able to build up the east bound part of the new bridge that we could not of the before. >>james: is 8:00 p.m. friday until 5:00 a.m. tuesday west bound is close. that is all dependent on the weather. bart will have extra training to help with that. stick to the kron4 at our web site for updates as of february 17th weekend approaches. >>justine: a family killed in the shooting spree will get the bulk of the $400,000 worth of donations. in
4:50 am
october 8th were shot to death at a salon. scott was charged with killing his ex- wife and several others following a custody dispute leading the money going into the seal beach victims' fund it will be distributed to the victims, his son and other survivors. a baby great will that washed ashore in central california has not been euthanize. it appeared to be less than one week old. marine mammal veterinarians decide that it cannot be saved. california gray whales have been estimated to be more than 20,000 they migrate 12,000 mi. every year from alaska to california. lindsey low and got some good news in a las angeles courtroom. the judge said that she is meeting the charges of her probation.
4:51 am
the 25 year-old actress is on track to complete her probation by march. her legal troubles stem from a separate june driving-- several of drunk driving cases and theft. >>justine: now erica is showing us a really good map of when it will rain in the bay area. it looks like it is going to pour down tomorrow as the ticket live look outside from our roof camera in your staff francisco. stay with us. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >>justine: here is a live
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look at candlestick park. you may want to think about taking some rain gear if you plan on getting a ticket to the game today. as charles clifford found out, getting a raincoat in the 49ers colors may not be so easy. >>reporter: if you are going to the playoff game between the 49ers and the giants, you may want to get something like this to slip on over your clothing. red or gold is probably the appropriate color for a 49ers fan. this is an old one that i take camping is sort of pink. but someone in our newsrooms said he cannot find a red poncho. so i said that is odd, so i went off on a mission. my first thought was at walgreen's, who headed a bit of everything but today no red ponchos. and next i went to the store on cold street.
4:55 am
they have a nice red jackets but i'm looking for the apparently illusive read poncho. next i drove down lumbar through the marina. >> do you know where i can find a red poncho? >>reporter: my final stop was a sports basement and what we have here? poncho, but no red ones, only clear and green. so i did not find a red when this afternoon that i am sure there are some out there somewhere. maybe you can find one on the internet where you do if you're going to the gang, try to stay dry and have fun. >>justine: here is a look at the seven day around the bay, taking a look at the rain that is very confident for tomorrow and steady rain for friday and saturday. we have son and showers coming up on the weekend for sunday so we're watching what the weather will be like for the game when we play the giants at 3:30 p.m.. cloudy and cool with a 60 percent chance of rain hence the
4:56 am
need for a poncho if you can find a red one that is. now and other news, this two- time cy young award winner is asking for $21.5 million, up four and half million more than the giants offered him. he earned $13.1 million last season. the giants did reach an agreement with another young star. this 25 year-old third baseman became an all-star he batted 315 with 23 home runs and 70 rbis. here's a look now some of the top sports on this wednesday. not if you work for the city of oakland about 15 of the
4:57 am
people are preparing to get pink slips today. in total about 250 people could lose their jobs today. we are following the story as it develops. and web sites like are down today. we will explain why and what it means if you're trying to use any of these web sites. the search has been suspended for survivors of the italian cruise ship disaster. we will explain why that has stopped as well. and 49ers tickets are on sale. much more ahead here is a live look outside at what is happening over the golden gate bridge. it is cold out there this morning. we will be back in fifth--just a few minutes. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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the subway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami, spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh. [music] >> mark: thank you for
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joining us on this wednesday january 18th. it is another very cold once again. cold enough that we are at or below freezing in a good number of spots. a freeze warning in effect, rain will begin tonight in heavy rain showers on the way for thursday into the weekend. here is where we see the temperatures, awfully cold and novato. 33 and concord, 33 in livermore. in the south bay, conditions are right at freezing. the weather service has issued a freeze warnings for the santa clara valley. widespread areas of frost in the black eyes. let's take a look at temperatures in the after
5:01 am
did. conditions in the let's get a check on traffic. at any hot spots. here is a quick bridge check. the bay bridge, very light. expect heavy traffic later. on the san mateo bridge, there are no delays in the commute direction headed towards foster city. for the golden gate, light traffic in both directions. the traffic--the flashing lights are the bridge cruise reconfiguring lanes. the in coming storm means early road closures for caltrans in the sierra. >>darya: that blasts in the video is a rescue workers in
5:02 am
the tuscan coast. the ship shifted slightly and created concerns for drivers and firefighters. they're searching for 22 people who are still missing this morning. 11 people have been found dead so far. the captain is now under house arrest and facing criminal charges including manslaughter and abandoning ship. the cruise liner slammed into the reef on friday after making an unauthorized maneuver. >>mark: the battle over how to regulate the internet is reaching a new level as major web sites are reacting but lacking an outside in protest against a bill targeting online piracy. here is a look at what you see when the search today. google has black out their
5:03 am
logo asking congress not to censor the internet. with the pta is completely blacked out. the stock online piracy a ct. >>darya: hundreds of city employees in oakland will get pink slips today meaning
5:04 am
that they could be laid off by the end of the month. the cuts are necessary after the governor and legislature eliminated redevelopment agencies which wiped out $50 million of oakland's budget. let's take a look at some of the apartments and areas affected. public works. senior centers in the city hall. police and fire are not affected by the cuts. today, the battle over tax increases will dominate the state of the state address. the address is set to start at 10:00 a.m.. governor brown will make the case for increased taxes to fund schools, public safety and other services. earlier this month he released a plan that cuts welfare and health services and
5:05 am
temporary sales and income tax on the wealthy. >>darya: san francisco's share of will be arraigned today stemming from an event on new year's eve involving the sheriff, his wife and their young son. his wife has since denied the allegations against her husband and has retained an eternity--attorney. if convicted, he could face a year in prison and three years' probation. >>mark: pg&e officials say hundreds of miles of natural gas transmission lines have been classified incorrectly. in a document filed with the california public utilities commission, pg&e says more than 3 mi. of gas pipelines were ms. classified. the company originally said that it feels to properly classify
5:06 am
172 mi. of pipeline. pg&e was ordered to review the lions after the san bruno for the 49ers are being sold through ticketmaster. no tickets will be sold at candlestick park or through the team. how much are these tickets already going for? >>mark: do not forget, the
5:07 am
owner of the 49ers give away tickets yesterday. >>darya: will tell you about the winter when we come back. when caught
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>>mark: a new details on the storm to our north. it is causing immense in seattle and portland. schools are closed in of flights are canceled. crews have insulting streets with forecasts calling for up to 5 in. of snow in seattle. schools have canceled class's. here is video of snow from oregon. so has been falling steadily. the cascade mountains could see as much as 3 ft. of new snow. there is high avalanche danger. >>james: we will zoom in on the pacific northwest. they are measuring snow in feet
5:11 am
in washington and oregon. the war is that temperatures will warm slightly in the the snow along the coastline will turn into rain and make some flooding conditions. at the airport in seattle, no delays just yet. we will take a quick break and be right back. cough
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>>mark: ended this morning, a missing the boater has been found. the voter disappeared in the south bay just north of san jose. craig skalar is live with the update. >>craig: both said as a fire
5:15 am
department says he went missing late last night. they call the authorities, brought out a helicopter and a search crews. they did find him early this morning. they brought out an ambulance and it turns out that he was talking. >>justine: a serious snowstorm is hitting the seattle area. these are live
5:16 am
pictures of portland. alaska airlines has now cancelled flights in and out of portland. >>darya: we will be getting wet from that front headed our way. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. this note in that system is going to be rain forecast. >>james: we will have rain coming down hard. this is the system that jesse was just talking about. this is
5:17 am
what is headed our way. by 5:00 p.m. on thursday, the evening commute looks like it will last a lot and wet. be ready for a slow, wet drive. be patient. we'll have a lot of rain throughout the bay area come thursday afternoon. we had a series of storms headed our way. friday into saturday's
5:18 am
the second storm and a third for sunday. we could see scattered showers through the first few days of next week. what-3 in. of rain could fall was just thursday system on. >>george: we are not tracking any hot spots. on the san mateo bridge, a great conditions with no delays eastbound or westbound. the golden gate looks pretty good. the drive
5:19 am
times are still pretty good. mostly '60s. 10 minutes from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway. >>darya: the 14 year-old boy it wanted for the robbing and sexual assault of two women has turned himself into authorities. he could be charged either today or tomorrow. he is enrolled as a freshman at oakland a high-school. police released his name because of the serious nature of the crimes he is accused of. kron4
5:20 am
spoke with a legal analyst about whether or not he could be charged as an adult. >> the lot is, if you are 14 years of age or older and with certain sex crimes, the juvenile court does not have jurisdiction over you, therefore your tried as an adult. crimes of this magnitude are unusual but unfortunately is becoming more commonplace. if he is convicted, a 14 year old going to state prison, usually they will not do that, they will send them to a juvenile detention center until they are 18 and then, move them into an adult prison. >>darya: he could be charged
5:21 am
either today or tomorrow. we will follow that and bring you the latest. >>mark: police are still looking for a 11 year-old boy who was last seen yesterday running away from his school. he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. >>mark: the secret service says a smoke bomb was thrown over the white house lawn last night. the north gate of the white house was shut down to investigate, but no arrests were made. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. we are keeping our eyes on the forecast and traffic. caho
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>>mark: a live look at
5:25 am
highway 50. there is no snow on the ground. we have a storm coming in. that means closures on the freeways. >>george: you might call them anticipatory closures. caltrans is planning on shutting down to highways today. one of them is already closed in anticipation of this coming storm. take a look at the closures. highway 4 will be shut down today. highway 120 has already been shut down, due to the incoming storm and expected snow. and remember, when you are traveling in the sierra, use your chains.
5:26 am
>>darya: mitt romney has refused to release tax returns and is causing a rival between other candidates. gingrich said. want romney to release his tax returns now so that south carolina voters to know, before they go to the polls on saturday's primary. mitt romney said he played a tax rate closer to the 15%. gingrich says there are no reasons to guess about the facts. >> letting people look at what your tax rate is and how you up and functioning,
5:27 am
he is running as an astute businessman, i would take his profit and loss would be a good thing for the people south carolina to take a look at. >>justine: the circuit when it said today if she was going to vote in the primary, she would go for newt gingrich. she says it is too early in the process for the nomination to be fully determined. >>mark: the house of representatives is starting its second session by
5:28 am
staging a vote against raising the government's borrowing limit. that would be permitted under last summer's budget agreement. today's measure to block the increase is expected to pass easily but dead once it reaches the senate. >>mark: we're waiting for the opening bell on wall street. dow futures are positive ahead of the opening bell. cul-de-sacs as released their quarterly earnings. revenue was down but the report did meet expectations. >>darya: we're back with more in just a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside at the golden gate. very quiet. no traffic into the visibility is great. things are going to take immediate turn as we head into tomorrow. more on the storm and a couple of minutes.
5:29 am
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5:31 am
>>mark: 1500 employees receiving preliminary pinks looks today. $15 million have been wiped out of oakland's city budget. >>mark: major web sites are blacking out in protest against the stock of mind piracy acts.--stop online piracy act. >>mark: this should that crashed off of it italy's coast has shifted slightly, halting the search for those still missing. >>darya: a clear and cold day out there right now. things are going to change big time. james, you have been timing this storm for
5:32 am
everyone to be ready for it. >>james: the rain will start very late on wednesday night. this is the view from mt. tam looking back over san francisco. here is what we are expecting. this morning, freezing. since this afternoon, the clouds fulfilled as the storm front approaches. this evening, the north bay will see the rain first and then spread the bay area wide. right now, freezing conditions in napa. below freezing and nevada. 32 in santa rosa. it is also called in the south bay.--it is also cold in the
5:33 am
south bay. conditions are expected to call as we head into the next couple of hours. here is where we see temperatures developing throughout the day. your 7 day around the bay shows it will be raining thursday and beyond. we have a series of storms coming through. let's get a check on traffic with george. >>george: we are continuing to look at a hot spot for a moment. qr we will likely
5:34 am
see a lot of traffic on the bay bridge toll plaza. for now, it is an easy ride westbound with no delays. your ride on the san mateo bridge looks good with volume building up a bit on the right side of your screen. the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound is problem free as you come across from marin county. in the east bay, a pretty smooth for 680 southbound as you head down from concord and a pleasant hill.
5:35 am
5:36 am
>>mark: big media companies are saying that they lose out and have been pushing federal lawmakers to make it easier to prosecute those involved in all my powers it. other major websites say the bill violates the first amendment. >>darya: we want to show you the latest of a capsized cruise ship off the coast of italy. the rescue workers have suspended operations today after the ship shifted slightly on the rocks which created concerns about the safety. the captain of the boat is now under house arrest. he faces criminal charges including manslaughter.
5:37 am
>>mark: 1500 workers in oakland could be laid off by the end of the month. city hall could seymour furlough days in public works workers could take longer to get jobs and. >>mark: new information in the arrest warrant for san francisco's sheriff, the ward says that there were two incidents of abuse last year and that the sheriff told his wife that he would gain custody of their young son because he was very
5:38 am
powerful. he is accused of domestic violence, battery, a child endangerment and dissuading a witness. he is said to be arraigned tomorrow. >>darya: new this morning, 49ers tickets go on sale this morning. here is a live look at candlestick park. tickets go on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m., season-ticket holders get first dibs and that at 1:00 p.m. the general public. how much are the tickets and going for? >>erica: i have been browsing sites like stubhub. if you look at the graphics i have prepared, it looks like he to get a ticket for about $300 at the cheapest. most tickets prices are between
5:39 am
$1,000.80000 dollars. the north end zone tickets are boy for $20,000 each. >>james: a quick forecast update. a 60 percent chance of rain on sunday. cloudy in the cold. it is going to be windy, saudi and it tough for kickers on both sides.
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
>>james: a storm is plowing through the pacific northwest. they're measuring this note in feet. they have some really nasty weather in portland it right now. be warned, travel could be
5:43 am
dicey. >>darya: seattle is bracing itself for heavy snow, so are thousands of travelers who have to fly into that city. will tran and takes a look at the flights. >>will: so far, so good. the first flight is scheduled to take off at 7:00 a.m., another one at 920 and 10:10 a.m.. so far, all flights are on time. the board is updated every 30 minutes and they are fully aware of what is going on in the the situation with this note. even though it was still hours away, here is the 12
5:44 am
06 a.m. flight in an already the flight has been cancelled.
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>>mark: a nit reporting of a missing voter has been found. the boater disappeared last night just north of san jose. craig skalar is live with more. >>craig: they found him at about 4:30 a.m.. he had been missing since 8:00 p.m. last night. here are some pictures from earlier. this
5:48 am
30 year old man is from san jose. i could see him in the ambulance, he was awake and speaking. the fire department says it look a long time to find him. >> the helicopter found about 5 mi. out. they brought him here to the marina. >>jackie: i do not know if
5:49 am
the helicopter were the boat had mechanical problems, but a series of things got a way of finding the sky. he did not have a cell phone. they fell out of the hard way, but he is going to be all right. >>darya: big news in the weather. we are expecting a big change. cold temperatures and and ran all the way. >>james: the rain turned to snow once you get up along ice five. this system will slowly but surely continue to work its way south
5:50 am
eventually impact as around the bay. future cast 4 is set for 5:00 a.m.. cox mainly early thursday morning we will see the rain come into view. it will start in at dusk through the day in and through the evening. heavy rain into really wet on the roads. we have several rounds of rain headed our way. roofs we
5:51 am
could see anywhere from 3-4 in. thick of rain in total. that is the with the forecast is shaping up. we will be back with more details about today's cool temperatures in just a little bit. >>george: let's start our bridge attack today with the ride at the bay bridge. traffic is still light. the
5:52 am
san mateo bridge ride is still a smooth one. on the stand with our problem free. there was a report of an incident the we will see if it has had any impact on traffic. as he passed the coliseum, speeds will did just a bit. how hot the south bay freeways look good. no delays.
5:53 am
>>mark: detectives will be back out today searching the loss angeles area after two dogs found a human head. two dog walkers came across a plastic bag right before the hollywood sign. the dogs were playing with the bag and the head fell out. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
5:54 am
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5:57 am
>>erica: the new study shows nicotine patches tree forms of dementia, it is a pretty interesting story, i have a link for the full story of my facebook fan page. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. our big story in the weather is when the rate will hit the bay area. so far, we are drive.
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